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Red Scharlach
In the course of some work-related research today, I stumbled across the following image and fell rather hopelessly in love with it. Can you tell what it is, viewers?

Poll #1363357 What the heck's going on here, then?

What is the picture above meant to be?

A serious political message about the benefits of socialism.
An edifying bedtime story that teaches children to take a VERY firm line with the monsters under their beds.
A grave warning to Brian Blessed to stop overacting NOW.
An early concept drawing for a forthcoming episode of Heroes in which Sylar attacks a yeti.
A symbolic representation of the monstrous yet irresistible allure of ticky boxes, longing to be filled.
Something else, which I will tell you in a comment.

I'll come back tomorrow to tell you the correct answer...
Red Scharlach
11 March 2009 @ 11:58 pm
Did you manage to identify yesterday's mystery picture, the one that looked like a giant hand tickling a psychotic snowman's armpit?

The answer lies beneath this cut...Collapse )