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Red Scharlach
16 March 2009 @ 12:06 am
Before I get on to this week's televisual brain fodder, here's Overheard Train Conversation of the Day:
FIVE-YEAR-OLD BOY: *drops book on foot of woman sitting opposite him*
FATHER OF BOY: Are you going to say sorry?
FATHER OF BOY: Not to me, to the lady. Are you going to say sorry for dropping a book on her foot?
FIVE-YEAR-OLD BOY: (in a philosophical tone) You know, they don't use that word in the future.

Yes, that lad has seen the shape of things to come and it's not very polite. No surprises there, then.

I have not seen the future myself, but I have seen Heroes 3x19: Shades of Gray...Collapse )