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Red Scharlach
17 March 2009 @ 11:55 pm
There may come a time, in the not-so-distant future, when I am able to scramble my way to the shore of the churning Charybdis of work-related hassle that I am currently thrashing around in, and post something that took me longer than five minutes to write and doesn't involve any Zachary Quinto-based lechery.*

But sadly, it won't be this week. Wahhh.

Instead, here's a movie quiz meme!
1. Go to IMDb.com and look up 15 of your favourite movies.**
2. Post three official IMDB “Plot Keywords” for these 15 picks.
3. Have your friends guess the movie titles.

  • stagecoach, crossdressing, tomboy
  • british empire, kilt, harem
  • nostalgic, porter, missing father
  • guitar, cricket bat, cucumber
  • railway station, impossible love, tea
  • highwayman, mask, femme fatale
  • gynaecology, obsession, surgical instruments
  • zero gravity, casual sex, angel
  • staircase, pilot, cheating death
  • road movie, band, frozen body
  • severed ear, lounge singer, title based on song
  • flight attendant, bail bondsman, unrequited love
  • former child star, sister-sister relationship, insanity
  • delinquent, 1950s, tears
  • spinster, skinny-dipping, florence italy

I believe the idea is to shun the temptations of Google if you can manage it.

ETA: They've all been guessed now, but I will leave them uncrossed so you can play along on your own account if you like. Imaginary points make imaginary prizes...

* Which reminds me: I never thought I'd say this about a man in a yellow anorak, but phwoargh.
** This was supposed to be a round number, but I'm afraid my imagination broke down on the way to 20.
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