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Red Scharlach
21 April 2009 @ 12:07 am
In my sophisticated ongoing pursuit of aesthetic interests, I wandered down to Leicester Square tonight for the Star Trek premiere, hoping to catch a glimpse of the lovely Zach Quinto on the red blue carpet.

A glimpse is all I got, sad to say, since he didn't come within 20 feet of where I was standing, and I elected to concentrate on watching the action live rather than trying to take pictures. Nonetheless, I did see him with my very own eyes, so I can confirm that he really does exist and really is quite astonishingly handsome. Who'd have thought it? Lovely hair, nice suit, bit of stubble, fabulous cheekbones: there's no arguing with that sort of pretty. (I must admit, however, that I was also very taken with his photographer brother Joe, who was wandering around flashing his flashbulb and generally looking like a slice of unexpected deliciousness. He has a promisingly filthy grin, I note. Hee.)

I also saw the rest of the cast, at varying distances: Eric Bana (about two feet away, doesn't do it for me), Simon Pegg (in a black kilt, decent legs), Chris Pine (nice waistcoat), Karl Urban (I wouldn't have recognized him without the yelling crowd to help me), and J.J. Abrams (lil' perky director guy). Oh, and I also saw some other random celebs: Jonathan Ross (dressed like an embarrassing middle-aged dad, with his kids), Nick Knowles (looking ridiculous in a shiny Barrowman-esque suit and sunglasses), and Jeremy Clarkson (with wife - I didn't spot James or Richard although they were apparently both there).

Then I went home and watched brand-new Ashes to Ashes. A few very brief comments thereupon...Collapse )