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Red Scharlach
Here's my favourite picture of the week, chanced upon during an otherwise uninspiring bout of work-related research:

But who are they and what on earth are they doing? Can you guess the answer, viewers?

Poll #1406181 The Basket-on-the-Bonce mystery

Why are these two men looking so pleased with themselves?

They are paranormal investigators who believe they have discovered proof of telepathy (if it works through a cushion on the head, it must be real!)
They are fierce couture designers, pushing the boundaries of cutting-edge fashion (Dolce and Gabbana would be SO jealous)
They are proudly advancing the cause of revolutionary socialism (in Communist Russia, furniture sits on you!)
They are daredevil aviators who have just boldly gone where no man had gone before (while sensibly protecting their noggins)
They are avant-garde circus artistes, about to perform a hot two-boy human cannonball act (eat your heart out, Cirque de Soleil)
They are fervent Harry/Hermione shippers who have found a way to maintain their fannish beliefs without the use of tinfoil (much safer in a thunderstorm!)
They have discovered seven new sexual positions which were unrecorded in the Kama Sutra (protective headwear recommended but not compulsory)
They are the inventors of the TICKY BOX!! (the hats are to stop them from banging their heads on the ceiling as they jump for joy!)

The correct answer lies behind this cut...Collapse )