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Red Scharlach
As we enter the for-your-ears-only prelude to the BBC's Torchweek, my intention is to begin every Torchwooden post with a random-but-fascinating* piece of non-Torchwood trivia. So let's kick off with a historical curiosity, in the form of a genuine 14th-century hangover cure:
If any one have drunk too much, if it be a man the testicles should be washed with salt and vinegar, and if it be a woman, the breasts, also let them eat the leaf or the stalk or the juice of a cabbage with sugar.
(John of Gaddesden's Rosa Medicinae, circa 1314)

And now, while some of you rush off in search of salt and vinegar, let's have a look at Torchwood on the Radio. Here are some brief thoughts on Asylum...Collapse )

* For a value of "fascinating" that is roughly equivalent to "more interesting than Torchwood to people who aren't interested in Torchwood".