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Red Scharlach
Hello, and welcome to Torchwood Slightly-Drunkblogging. This new experimental approach is brought to you by three key facts: the fact that I went out drinking this evening (hic!), the fact that I have to drink a pint of water before bedtime to sober up, and the fact that I might as well listen to Torchwood while doing so. So here we go, and I apologize in advance for any typos, rants, distractions or failures to be funny that might result.

Oh yes, I'm supposed to post a trivia fact first, aren't I? Oops.
Fact: Angler fish, those scary-looking critters that have big gaping mouths and fishing rods on their heads to lure in unsuspecting fishes for dinner, have a very unusual sex life. Big angler fish as we know them are always female: the male version is a tiny little thing that swims about till he finds a girl fish, and bites into her. Their biological systems then fuse, and the male rots away until he's just a pair of testicles hanging off the female. She happily swims about, able to lay fertilized eggs whenever she likes, and never needs to have sex again.

(Note to self: find some trivia facts that are NOT about genitalia, hem hem.)

Okay, enough about fish sex. Time to turn on Torchwood: The Golden AgeCollapse )

Ah, I seem to have come to the end, and to have achieved an acceptable level of pre-bedtime sobriety. In that case, I shall bid you all goodnight.

Night night!