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Red Scharlach
Although I've now made more than 600 different Doctor Who and Torchwood mini-icons (how the heck did that happen?), there are still some corners of the Whoniverse that I haven't covered. So when Simon Guerrier suggested that I should make a set of icons based on the adventures of Bernice Summerfield -- spacefaring archaeologist, former Doctor Who book companion, and now the star of her own audio stories -- I pricked up my ears. (Oddly enough, Simon has just written a book about Benny which is out now. I wonder whether these facts could be related?)

Anyway, I confess that I have not yet heard or read any Benny stories, but Simon tells me that they are terribly good, and he bribed me with carbohydrates so I believe him (hem hem). I can attest, however, that her comrades include fun-to-draw things such as sexy space-thieves, dog-faced aliens, a spacesuit full of orange slime, a talking football with a face, and a cat. And it's hard to argue with a cast list like that.

01. 02. 03.

There are 44 more icons under this cut...Collapse )

As usual, let me know if you'd like a variation or combination that I haven't provided, and I'll see what I can do.

As for the Sarah Jane Adventures viewers scuffling at the back and sticking their hands in the air - it's all right, I haven't forgotten about you! Icons will happen. Possibly after I've had a quick pause to do Flight of the Conchords...