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Red Scharlach
16 September 2009 @ 12:22 am
It's the Sharing Is Caring meme, day two, which means a picture. Or in this case, several.

No, I haven't drawn anything myself, sorry. But I do seem to have quite a few photos of real-world arty stuff that I've never posted, some of them dating back several years. I'm sure I must have been intending to bore you all with them at some time, and yet never got around to it. Weird, huh? Anyhow, here's a selection of aesthetically pleasing things that I have bumped into on my wanderings:

Come behind the cut for stained glass, stainless steel, twiddly buildings and dinosaurs!Collapse )

Alternatively, if you'd like to look at some pictures that are properly interesting, I can recommend Alasdair's photoblog electricana for a regular dose of visual intrigue.