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Red Scharlach
19 September 2009 @ 01:38 am
Before I get on with today's meme installment, a very minor moment of real-life intrigue.

I went for a curry tonight and couldn't help eavesdropping on the couple sitting next to me. At first I thought they might be on an early and unpromising date, since he was monologuing about a variety of less than fascinating topics (such as his own sleeping patterns), while she ummed and erred and her eyes wandered the room. Soon, however, I realized they'd actually been going out for a while, because they started to have a make-or-break conversation about their relationship.

He (short-sleeved shirt and tie worn with an anorak, regrettable comb-forward hairdo) did most of the talking, and when she (neatly groomed and stylish) spoke, she was pretty quiet so I really only got to hear his side of things, and even then, not all of it. As I nibbled my naan bread, I tried to work out who was dumping whom, but all I gathered was that he "thinks she doesn't think he can trust her" and he feels "more emotionally exposed than at any time over the last eight years". The unfortunate bloke was plainly struggling to express his state of mind, and concluded that the only way he could describe it was "to use the words of Han Solo and say..."

...and then a lot of noise and clatter happened in the restaurant and I missed the next bit! Now I'm racking my brains to think of anything Han Solo ever said that could have feasibly been quoted at that point. "It's the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs"? "What an incredible smell you've discovered"? "Even I get boarded sometimes"? Any suitable suggestions, viewers?

But enough of my nosiness. It's the Sharing Is Caring meme, day five, which means YouTubery.

Since I went back to the eighties earlier in the week, I thought I'd go even further back and give you something from the deepest mists of my childhood, the 1970s. As a little girl, I spent a great deal of time dancing around the living room, and when I did this, I was often pretending to be a member of Pan's People, legendary TV dance troupe who appeared on Top Of The Pops, filling in the gaps in the days before pop videos were invented. With their matching outfits, bouncy hair and cheery smiles, they were an eminently seventies kind of sexy, but I didn't know that as a lass. I just wanted to dance about with them in a frilly frock.

Here's one of their most ridiculous yet charming routines, to Gilbert O'Sullivan's "Get Down", complete with a set of unpredictable canine friends:

I don't know what's funnier, the dog who wanders off after 30 seconds and doesn't come back, or the unimpressed expressions on the faces of the other mutts as the PP ladies bounce around them.

And if that tickled your fancy, there's plenty more Pan's-Peopling to be had. I particularly recommend the girls putting the fear of God into Mike Batt as he sings Summertime City, or their groovy disco moves to The Hustle. Get down and get with it, guys and gals...