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Red Scharlach
21 September 2009 @ 11:51 pm
Did you have a go at yesterday's strange-sounding careers quiz?

Well, the answers are below this cut...Collapse )

Speaking of job opportunities, I have rather been enjoying Design For Life, the Beeb's latest twist on Apprentice-esque reality TV, in which a gaggle of budding designers have to try to impress avant-garde French lemon-squeezer supremo Philippe Starck in order to win a work placement with him. Having said that, the main joy of the show is Philippe's delightful approach to the English language, which makes up in charm and enthusiasm what it lacks in comprehensibility. If only French people found my own accent (when I speak French to them) half as entertaining, my bid for European domination wouldn't be in as poor a shape as it is. Quel dommage, dahleeng, as Philippe would probably say to me...
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