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Red Scharlach
Well, midnight has just shuffled past so it's officially 23rd October and it's my 38th birthday. This probably means that I am officially old enough to know better, and yet somehow, I still don't.

I am currently spending a few days as hostess to the Grate and Powerful Uli, commonly known as allemande, and I am therefore that particular sort of knackered that is caused by wandering around London all day, moving relentlessly from yummy food item to yummy food item, with occasion stops for culture and consumerism on the way. I believe this is what is known as having a good time.

Things I have learned today:

1. There are no underpants in space. (It says so in this book, so it must be true. Frankly, I think this explains a great deal about a lot of science fiction these days.)

2. Freggo, near Piccadilly, is a very good place to go for ice cream. I can particularly recommend the banana split flavour.

3. Uli is in league with the Daleks! Visual proof under this cut!Collapse )

Right, I am now off to bed and if Zachary Quinto is not lying on my doormat when I wake up, at least I can blame the postal strike....