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Red Scharlach
26 October 2009 @ 11:55 pm
The Grand Duchess allemande has now returned to the land of Germs, following five days of cultural interchange, bad puns and quality bakery products. Before normal service is resumed around here, she is insistent that I should post the unflattering highlights of our Eurovision Gurning Championship. If you dare to click behind the cut, please bear in mind that we are usually much more flawlessly glamorous than these somewhat "unreconstructed" images might suggest. Ahem.


And Jill does an uncanny impersonation of a TOMATO!Collapse )

In other news, the debut album by my brother's band The Gilded Palace of Sin is now available for download! The critically acclaimed* "You Break Our Hearts, We'll Tear Yours Out" can be listened to over here, and downloaded from the same site, or from Amazon or iTunes or many of the usual musical places. Alternatively, you can wait until 2nd November for the CD or LP version. Or you can stalk them on Facebook. Buy now! Buy often! (Is this enough plugging, Pete? Can I have my birthday present now??)

In other other news, I have caved in to internet modishness and got myself a Twitter account. Yeah, I know, it's the end of civilization as we know it, yadda di yadda. Anyway, I can be found @redfacts (since there's already a redscharlach over there who is not me). Rest assured that I will NOT be streaming my tweets on LJ and cluttering up your friends pages. But on the off-chance that you think I might be amusing at some point, feel free to follow me.

Right, it's about time I watched some television and thought of something interesting to say about it...

* Four stars from MOJO magazine, fact fans.