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Red Scharlach
19 December 2009 @ 12:26 am
I don't know how you're all getting along in the festive prezzie-purchasing game (personally I'm the retail equivalent of Queens Park Rangers), but I saw a man on the tube today who was clearly victorious at Christmas shopping because he had bought one of these:

Yes, it's a cardboard plane for cats. It comes as a flatpack, so I'm presuming the cat isn't included, but it's almost worth getting one specially, just to see the look on its face when you plonk it in the cockpit. Of course, even better would be a human-sized one to play in (and a hangar to keep it in) but is anyone likely to buy me those things? No, they are not. Boo.

However, if you're wealthy and whimsical and on the lookout for eyecatching items that will fit into your living room, you might like to consider one of these unusual bookcases. They're not massively practical, but they are pretty cool. And I'm sure they could also be used for cat storage if you run out of hangar space...