January 7th, 2011


"Much disapprobation was manifested at the close of the curtain."

While I'm making plodding progress through my recent icon requestathon, here's a little something I stumbled across on Google Books, while on yet another workcentric fact-hunt.

In these days of creator/critic blogfights and celebrity Twitterwars, it may be refreshing to realize that the phenomenon of getting a crap review for your work is far from new. Here's the theatre section from an issue of The Gentleman's Magazine from 1825, which contains a delightful combination of formal phraseology and good old-fashioned rudeness. I can only imagine how the anonymous critic might have viewed some of today's cultural offerings.

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However, if the above critique hits you with the whiff known as "teal deer", I have taken the liberty of summarizing the key points in a rather more modern idiom, Collapse )