February 4th, 2011

Hang on

New Doctor Who mini-icons: Give me time, and a crayon

Phone the moonbase, call off the attack fleet and point the laser beams away from my living room, because I've finally finished my latest batch of Doctor Who mini-icons. And only a month later than I said I would. (Oops.)

This set is a scattershot and diverse offering, even by my own standards. Some of the icons were requested by readers during my recent mini-requestathon. Others were just things I fancied drawing. All in all, they include A Christmas Carol, series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures, spin-off characters from novels, audios and the Radio Times comic strips, and a grab-bag of goodies (and baddies) from both Classic Who and New Who. Phew!

(Technically, there are SPOILERS for the Christmas special, and for the most recent SJA series, but nothing too ruinous. There are also two icons that reference the trailer for the forthcoming DW series, but these contain costume spoilers only.)

01. Kazran makes the rules 02. Emo space shark 03. Smith and Jones

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As usual, if you'd like a combination or variation that I haven't provided, do let me know! However, please don't request anything else from the Series 6 trailer: I'll be taking care of that when the series arrives and provides me with accurate picture references for everyone's footwear...