March 21st, 2011


When Sherlock meets sharp shiny objects, the results are stranger than you ever guessed

Things have been rather quiet around here lately, mostly due to circumstances beyond my control.* As an apology, here's a petite portion of fan art frothiness.

I found myself pondering the surreal damage that can be wreaked by changing one letter in one word, and the following thing popped out.

Collapse )

Other suggestions for creative vandalism of the Sherlock script would be much appreciated. I was almost tempted to draw "You've got a psychosomatic pimp, of course you've got a therapist" or "Four serial suicides and now a nose - oh, it's Christmas!", but I still haven't figured out how to illustrate "Don't make people into herpes, John"...

* Last week, I was in the same building as Benedict Cumberbatch's cheekbones, and I'm still receiving treatment for wistful sighing and swooning fits.