March 26th, 2011

Do tell

Tumblring into madness, and stopping The Killing at last

Two things, entirely unrelated:

1) You can now find me on Tumblr, at! Think of it as a no-frills way of keeping up with my art posts, as well as the occasional sparkly thing that attracts my attention. Follow me if you so desire, and feel free to suggest any interesting things that I might want to add to my feed.

Do not worry, however, if you have no interest in this new-fangled microblogging stuff. All my new art will still be posted to Livejournal too, so those who are not on Tumblr won't have to watch both places. And LJ will remain my venue for the kind of longwinded intellectual ramblings that you've probably come to expect from me (hem hem).

2) This weekend sees the BBC finale of the insanely gripping Danish TV series The Killing (a.k.a. Forbrydelsen). So in its honour, I couldn't resist producing a tiny tribute to its formidable heroine and her fabulous fashion sense:

No need to ask if you want to take one. A grateful sigh in a darkened room would surely be acknowledgment enough...