July 11th, 2011


"No one is adjusting this or any other planet."

What do you know, you wait ages for new Torchwood, and then the BBC muddies the waters by suddenly throwing three new radio plays into the mix, under the umbrella heading of The Lost Files. Or perhaps they ought to be called "Here's Some Ianto We Saved For Later, Please Stop Hating Us Now".

And to make a pleasant change, Great Britain gets first dibs on them probably because nobody cares all that much, hem hem, although the rest of the world can listen online for the next week.

So to celebrate this seasonal glut of Torchwoodery, here are Collapse )

I may return with some comments on tomorrow's and Wednesday's aural extravaganzas, but if I do, I shall endeavour to leaven the all-Torchwood diet with some trivia of general interest. I think only of your attention spans, dear viewers, I really do.