July 12th, 2011

Jack's balls

"We've just gone deeper than any other human, ever."

More Torchwood on the radio today, so here are Collapse )

In other audio-based news, Radio 4 has had an unusual amount of my attention in the last week, not only because of Torchwood but because they are also the home of Cabin Pressure, which I am only just discovering for the first time (yeah, I know, my priorities in life are All Wrong).

Unsurprisingly, I was lured into listening by the prospect of audio Cumberbatchery, and he is indeed a delight to the ears, but I was convinced to stay by the ample helpings of creative silliness and nicely turned lines. I particularly enjoyed the covert Sherlockery that was not-so-subtly squeezed into the Paris episode. I'm now thinking that I ought to backtrack to earlier series and find out what I missed...