July 14th, 2011


"Tonight's the night for magic, not guns."

Today brought the final bout of Radio Torchwood, so here are Collapse )

So what happens next? Well, after an unseemly wait, the UK finally gets to watch the first instalment of Miracle Day tomorrow. If you tune in, I hope you enjoy it; I certainly did.

However, if you're waiting for a more extensive episode review from me, I've got a bit of news to share. I have written one, but I'm afraid you can't read it yet, because it's going to be published in the next issue of Doctor Who Magazine, out at the end of this month. Eep!

Nonetheless, I hope to have a few things to say (and to draw) about the episodes that follow, so I'll be back to bleat about those in my usual disjointed fashion as soon as I can. Some things never change, even in the 21st century...