July 30th, 2011

Junior Reporter

You hear the sound, you wait around and get the word

After several days of non-existence, Livejournal seems to be functioning again. Quick, quick, let me tell you a few factlets before the forces of oppression make it fall over again!

  • Issue 437 of Doctor Who Magazine is in the shops now! It contains many interesting things, and as a free bonus to all readers, also includes my very own review of episode 1 of Torchwood: Miracle Day. Buy now and violently disagree with me! Or not, it's your choice.

  • Still on the topic of Torchwoodiness, there have of course been other episodes of Miracle Day since the first one. I am still watching it and still enjoying it, but for more specifics on this topic, I'm afraid you'll have to wait a month for the NEXT issue of DWM. Sorry!

  • For anyone who was wondering, there WILL be Miracle Day mini-icons in the relatively near future, but I haven't had much time to start drawing them yet. Whoops. Better get scribbling…

  • …but not just yet, because this weekend I shall be busy playing hostess to livii, who's making a flying visit to the shores of Blighty. We'll also be having a get-together with pontisbright, dawnzabini and some other folks, so that should be jolly nice.

  • Another thing that is jolly nice is the current ample quantity of Cumberbatchery available for my aural and visual pleasure. Not only is there still Cabin Pressure on the radio, but there was The Rattigan Enigma this week, which featured the delightful Mr C wandering around looking thoughtful and cheekboney and saying interesting things in his lovely voice. I also enjoyed a repeat run of the docudrama Vincent Van Gogh: Painted With Words, which I hadn't previously seen, thinking it would be all nasty false beards and misery. But Benedict was so beautifully lit (and not always bearded) and suffers so touchingly and gazes into the camera such a lot, speaking passionate and angsty words in his jaguar-inside-a-cello voice, that I found the whole thing quite wondrous, and could even ignore the bits with Alan "Boring" Yentob explaining the plot. Honestly, BBC Four could commission The Phone Book: An Unexpurgated History and I'd still be quite enraptured if Benedict was reading it out...