September 22nd, 2011


Distracting and a danger to maximum efficiency

In a strange turn of events, possibly caused by an interplanetary conjunction or the lack of anything decent on the telly, I have written something that could possibly be construed as Sherlock fanfiction. However, it is a mere 50 words long, so it's only a mini-fic, a half-drabble, a dinky portion of virtual literature. On the plus side, it's also in epistolary form AND a crossover.

But because it looked a bit weedy on its own, I've boosted its confidence by turning it into graphic form.

Collapse )

In other news, issue of 439 of Doctor Who Magazine is in the shops now, and features the third (and last) of my Torchwood: Miracle Day reviews, covering episodes 7 to 10. Buy it now or be magnetically dragged into the nearest suggestive rock formation!

In other other news, series 4 of Merlin begins on Saturday 1st October, and I am intending to honour this occasion by reviving my traditional weekly double-entendre fests with added half-naked men recaps, so there you go. Something for us all to look forward to...