November 16th, 2011

and the citadel

This journal's Merlin fixation goes from bad to verse...

I am proud to present the pangalactic premiere of a picaresque and provocative piece of poetry! It was written by my estimable colleague allemande and myself*, and belongs to an exciting new literary genre called Merlinnuendo. In other words, it's a Merlin fanfic in rhyming form, which contains only such traces of naughtiness as vivid imaginations might wish to perceive (hem hem).

Ye Bawdy Olde Ballad of Two Boys and Their Beasts
Authors: redscharlach and allemande
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None, apart from a possibly life-threatening quantity of double entendre.
Summary: Merlin and Arthur acquire animals, but both of them fail to notice the elephant in the room.

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* If you're wondering how the workload was divided, she was responsible for the concept, the charm and the concern for poetic metre; I did the descent into filth. So, no big surprises there.