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Red Scharlach
It feels like several aeons since I went to see Star Trek Into Darkness, but maybe that's because one of those aeons was spent making this savagely spacetastic set of new mini-icons.

Regular viewers may recall that I made a set of icons for the first Star Trek reboot movie way back in 2009. However, I've redrawn and improved most of the characters slightly since then, so now I've remade some of the basic shippy icons with the newest drawings, as well as adding quotes and things (including BIG SPOILERS!) from this particular movie AND making text-free versions too.

So, shall we begin?

01. Captain James Tiberius Perfect Hair 02. John Harrison 03. Scotty had a day off 04. Bones and a tribble

And there are 75 more behind this cut....Collapse )

As usual, all icons are free to good homes! And if you'd like a combination or quotation that I haven't provided, let me know and I'll defrost a few super-intelligent space criminals and see what I can persuade them to do about it...