May 29th, 2016

Four Musketeers

The Musketeers 3.01: A very good place to start

Greetings, gentle viewers! Unbuckle your swashes, gird your loins and do that weird spit-loading thing with your musket, because the third and final season of The Musketeers has finally reached BBC One. This means that my traditional silly Muskereviews have also returned, and I can reassure you that, in this case, viewers with Netflix Mexico have NOT seen them already.

So without further ado, here are some thoughts on Collapse )

In other news, in a pleasing piece of scheduling coincidence, the series Versailles starts on BBC Two this week. It's about sexiness and scheming in the court of Louis XIV of France, i.e. who the little Dauphin becomes when he grows up. I've no idea whether the show's any good, but it certainly sounds like little Louis has some strikingly similarities to his fictional bio-dad....