Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Astounding Mysteries of Art, part 928

Okay, I admit, the title of the post is perhaps overstating the matter just a teensy smidge. But while you're waiting for me to come up with some new visual creations of my own*, I thought I'd share a spot of art by somebody else, simply because I came across it in a book the other day and it rather amused me:

Long cat is big leggy

"The White Cat" (1894) by Pierre Bonnard

Ol' Pierre has certainly captured a delightfully self-satisfied catty quality in his mog, but one mystery remains outstanding. Namely, why in the name of Whiskas has it got such stupendously long legs?

You may like to come up with a few theories of your own before you examine my own fanciful responses to the conundrum...

A few potential scientific solutions to the mystery, hem hem

So what's the real answer? Only Pierre knows, but he ain't telling. Nonetheless, I'd love to entertain any hypotheses you may wish to put forward, in the interests of furthering serious art-historical discussion into the important but neglected field of Cuddly Things In Art...

* I am working on some, yes. But I'm afraid it's going sloooowly.
Tags: culture and art, fluffy things, silliness
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