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Ashes of the non-volcanic variety

I realize that I have yet to post anything about the current series of Ashes to Ashes, which is rather remiss of me, given I am very much enjoying it. So here are a few brief notes on tonight's episode and the series so far:

  • Well done Ray, getting a chance to pull some Acting (TM) out of the bag this week. I was rather less impressed with Joe "Weren't you on EastEnders once?" Absolom who occasionally managed to suggest post-traumatic stress disorder, but more frequently was restricted to gurning and yelling of a non-specific variety.

  • Keats is a nasty weasel of a man, isn't he? There's a particular sort of relish in his sliminess that makes him especially slappable. I am assuming that despite his "Gene Hunt, you're going DAHN" posturing, our guys will somehow band together and triumph in the end and Keats will get his comeuppance. But we're going to be in for a lot of twists and turns before that.

  • I'm intrigued by the new tradition of straight-to-camera turn-off-the-lights Life On Mars-soundtracked meta-moments. Since Shaz and Ray have already had theirs, it must surely be Chris's turn for one of those next week. But what do they mean? Is everyone in 1983 having mystical experiences, not just Alex?

  • Totally loving Alex's look this series, particularly restrained colours and the big plastic jewelry. I'm having affectionate flashbacks to some of the necklaces and bangles worn by my teenage self, I must admit.

  • Oh Alex, hurry up and get Sam's stuff out of your bottom drawer. I know you've got subplots of the week to deal with, but we all want to know what's going on....

Now, I'm not usually big on convoluted plot speculation, and I don't read many of the Big Overarching Theories that do the rounds, but nonetheless, I did have a lightbulb-over-the-head moment on my way back from the corner shop the other day, so I might as well share my modestly-sized theory about what's going on, especially with regard to stuff that happened between Life On Mars and Ashes to Ashes. It is based on NO SPOILERS whatsoever and goes as follows:

  • Annie is dead by Alex's time: this would explain a) why no one has talks about her and b) why Sam's personal effects are still with the police and haven't been returned to his next of kin.

  • Sam didn't want to stay in Gene-World without her, and wanted to die and thus (he hoped) return to the 21st century, which might be strange and empty but at least it wouldn't constantly remind him of Annie.

  • Therefore, Sam tried to explain the situation to Gene and Gene didn't really understand the technicalities of time-hopping (i.e. all he heard was "blah blah poncy blah") but he did grasp Sam's utter misery and so stood by and allowed Sam to die in the crashed car, effectively committing suicide (again), without any intervention from Gene himself.

  • Chris and Ray vaguely know that Gene deliberately didn't save Sam's life for a reason, but have no clue what it is: they just trust that the Guv had his reasons.

For all I know, this may be a very commonly suggested theory that everyone is already bored with, but I promise my brain regurgitated it independently. Unfortunately, my brain didn't take it any further, and I don't know what the connection is with Alex, unless it's just that Gene vaguely knows about the time-hopping thing, or possibly is some sort of symbolic ferryman-between-the worlds... Oh, I don't know. I'll have to think about it some more. Time for another trip to the corner shop, perhaps?
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