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It's not their fault that they are mad. They've tasted Hell.

Before we get on to Ashes to Ashes, here are some nuggets of trivia for the week.

  • When the company L'Oréal was first founded, back in 1909, it was called the Société Française de Teintures Inoffensives pour Cheveux. Snappy, huh? It means the "French Company for Safe Hair Dye", but it's the use of the word "Inoffensive" that I particularly like. Try coming up with a crowd-pleasing corporate catchphrase that includes the word "inoffensive", and yet can also be accurately applied to Cheryl Cole's hair extensions. It ain't easy.

  • I am entertained to hear that Matt Smith is going to be playing Christopher Isherwood in a BBC drama, if only because that means that Captain Jack has canonically had him.

  • My brother's band are playing on Oldham on Saturday night as part of Pitfest. I won't be there, but anyone within range is advised to go, because they are quality entertainment as well as being related to me (hem hem).

And now on to our main event, and some thoughts about this week's Ashes to Ashes. Crikey, we're up to episode 5 already. who'd have thought it?

  • The Sam Tyler jacket! I was only a smidge disappointed that it didn't come as part of a range, also featuring aftershave, shower gel and novelty socks. Buy now for Christmas!

  • I remembered Litton from Life On Mars but I was racking my brains trying to remember whether Bevan actually appeared in LOM or not. It turns out that the answer is not. This makes me feel a little better about my aging memory. By the way, I find the most amusing thing about Litton to be the way that he struts about with his crotch thrust forward and his legs about three feet apart. His wedding tackle must enter a room at least 20 seconds before the rest of him does.

  • "A whiff of homoerotic tension, how exciting." - Oh dear. After Alex's exposure to the "Sam <3 Gene" graffiti last week, I fear her slashing of other characters is starting to get a little out of control. When Bevan offers her "the story on Sam and Gene", she's almost gawping with excitement. Steady on, Alex, I don't think it's that sort of story.

  • Hey, it's Jackie Tyler! Fortunately she is not revealed to be Sam Tyler's mum, but rather a lot of her IS revealed, and it's mostly of the quivering and bosomly variety.

  • I was wondering whether the deceased alternative comedian was indeed who they implied he was, but it turns out that he was credited under another name, so he wasn't. Drat, that rules out the theory that Geneworld is an alternate universe in which Love Never Dies doesn't exist.

  • Too late, Alex! You left Sam's stuff in your desk for too many episodes. Now Gene has burned it all and you'll have to rely entirely on half-hints and waiting until the end of the series to find out what happens, just like the rest of us. It serves you right for leaving your spoilers somewhere that could be accessed with a crowbar.

  • OMG, RAY SAW THE STARS. Yes, I apologize for this unexpected bout of capslock, but it's entirely justified. OMG, they are ALL in it together, whatever and wherever "it" is. Death? Heaven? Hell? Benidorm? Ray himself seems to think it's space, "like we were bloody astronauts", which proves that a) he's having crossover visions from Life on Mars USA, and b) they are NOT in space, surely, because the LOM USA ending is utterly silly AND the series can't end with Ray's answer being the right one, can it? Or can it?

  • "If I am dead, as dead I well may be..." - Ha! Not only are the writers rummaging around in the big bag of internet theories and pulling them out to mock us, they are even turning them into musical numbers now.

  • Having seen the scary laughing dummy in the box outside the policeman's gala, I've got another theory and it's Doctor Who inspired: they are all secretly floating through space on the back of A GIANT STAR-WHALE! (Come on, it's quite similar to Ray's theory, and yet subtly different. And yet yet, much sillier.)

  • And coming straight out of leftfield in the shipping lane, is that a hint of Ray/Shaz I see??

  • Fashion notes: I'm really not keen on the silky shoulder-padded shirts that Alex has been favouring lately, but her grey number with the red zigzags was excellent. Also, have you noticed how much darker Gene's wardrobe has got this series? Symbolism: your clue to quality drama.

  • Argh, this is getting so exciting, yet so frustrating. There are three more episodes to go, and I can't decide whether to go "only three left, woe" or "oh no, a whole THREE episodes before we find out what's going on." So instead I shall heave a deep sigh and try to muddle through to next week as best I can...
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