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Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space (possibly)

Well, I'd like to give you some cogent and perceptive thoughts about Ashes to Ashes 3x06, but I'm afraid you'll have to settle for a few bits of incoherent and overexcited babbling:

  • I think my brain has been broken and I primarily blame Sam Tyler's non-lookalike doppelganger. What on earth is going on there? I can't believe that it's really Sam, because it would be too much of a kick in the teeth to everything that was Life On Mars, wouldn't it? Or maybe it's more that I have a fervent belief that Gene will turn out to be on the side of good, ultimately, and him having done THAT (whatever that is) to Sam would be massively hard to reconcile. Oh, I don't know.

  • Still on fake!Sam, Paul Thordy definitely doesn't sound like a real name. I've seen people suggest it might be from "Dorothy", to echo Sam's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" theme, but there are some letters missing so that feels a mite unsatisfying. However, I did try to make a proper anagram from "Paul Thordy" and all I could make were things like "arty hold-up" or "had poultry", which don't help at all. Darn it.

  • "You forget, Alex. That's what happens to you here." - This bit was clever because it not only explains why Molly hasn't been mentioned much this series, but also why Shaz, Ray and Chris don't act as if they once had lives outside of Geneworld. It's because they have drunk the instant coffee of Lethe and have forgotten them!

  • Awww, Chris and Ray's "manly" goodbyes to each other were rather sweet. Although I'm glad Ray's last request to Chris was about borrowing his mug and not about shagging Shaz, which is what I feared it might be.

  • OMG KEATS IS A DEMENTOR. He must be, he sucked the soul right out of Viv! I'd like to bet that if Keats held open his flasher mac, you'd see that the lining was made up of the disembodied spirits of his victims, screaming into the void for all eternity...

  • Alas, poor Viv. We barely knew ye. Still, you got to do some Acting (TM) before you departed. It also feels like the stakes are getting higher: who'll be the next one to feel the clammy hand of Keats the Reaper upon them?

  • I note that Sacks the prison ringleader was obsessed with "saving as many men as possible and becoming a legend" - immortal, in fact. Is this what Gene is trying to do himself? Discuss, with reference to classical mythology or failing that, to SPAARTAAAAAA.

  • So are we now meant to believe that Half-Face Zombie-Cop is a young Gene? From when he was Alive (TM)? Or instead, is he someone else: for instance, someone whose fate resulted in Gene ending up in Geneworld in the first place?

  • One thing that I can't tally with the "Coppers' Purgatory" theory, is how it ties in with A2A series 1, in which Gene saved little!Alex when her parents exploded. Was that a real-world event in Alex's past (as it seemed to be at the time), or was it just a Geneworld dream-remake of Alex's childhood, casting Gene in the role of guardian angel (which he may well be)? And whose dream was it, Alex's or Gene's?

  • In conclusion: OMGWTFBBQ. And yes, I've watched the trailers, because I can't wait for Santa and want to open my pseudo-mystical 1980s chocolate selection box NOW. And I am very confused and yet intrigued and want answers NOW and yet still doubt that they will ever explain everything to my satisfaction and yet I still want to them to try. And that's that.

Theories, suppositions and mad random guesses are welcome, if you have any to offer...
Tags: ashes to ashes
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