Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

"What play thing can you offer me today?"

I'm a bit bored and fancy doing some icon-making, but don't know what to draw. So perhaps foolishly, I've had the following idea.

The Mini-Icon All-Suggestions-Welcome Long-Weekend Requestathon!

Basically, if you adore a particular character or ship that I have not yet drawn and would love to have them in mini-icon form, now is the time to tell me. It may be an obscure person from a fandom I've already iconized*, a variation on a pic I've done before, or something from a fandom I haven't touched yet. If you really want it, I will give it due consideration.

Note: this is a limited-time offer, just for this bank holiday weekend. One request per person, please. I can't promise I'll do everything, but I'll do as many as I can manage.

HIGH priority will be given to characters that look fun to draw, fandoms I know and preferably like, and anyone who can provide an entertaining explanation of why a particular pic would make their online lives complete. (But failing that, asking nicely will do!)

LOW priority will be given to OCs (original characters, i.e. made up by you), long lists of stuff for the sake of completeness, fandoms I've now lost interest in (e.g. Harry Potter), and stuff that's too hard to draw (sorry, fans of multidimensional nebulous entities!).

A Doctor Who caveat
I'm planning to do more icons for the current series of Who when the last couple of episodes air. So if you want someone from a recent episode, I won't do it right now but will keep a note of it for then. Classic Who and RTD-era requests are fair game, however.

Go on, then. Never let it be said that I don't like a challenge...

* See my back catalogue for reference.
Tags: icons
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