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Such are the barbarous innovations of our day

I'm afraid I haven't been posting much lately, a state of affairs that probably frustrates me more than it frustrates you. But alas, my brain has sunk into a sort of blancmangelike inertia and my creativity levels are scrawny at best. It's all a bit sad, really.

Nonetheless, in the interests of squeezing something out of my head, here is a gratuitous picspam post of some things that my brain not only likes but actively covets. If you're a philanthropic zillionaire and happen to be reading this, feel free to consider it a wishlist. Personally, I'd say it's more of a wishful-thinking list...

  • Practical storage solutions
    Furniture doesn't usually excite me, but I'm delighted by the existence of Bookshelf Porn. No actual porn, just actual bookshelves, on the same principle as the equally intriguing Stairporn. Personally I find having enough shelves to be as impossible as having enough books, so I'm now yearning for something like this, which ought to take me a good few years to fill:

    Sadly, I fear the height of my living room ceiling might be an issue, but a girl can dream. More ambitiously still, Jay Walker's private library looks pretty darn groovy, but I'm going to have to work my way up to a mansion and a cleaning lady before I can even consider it.

  • Arty stuff
    Courtesy of the excellent art blog The Blue Lantern, I recently discovered the work of Italian artist Franco Fortunato, whose quirky and Magritte-esque paintings look like this:

    The Ship 1

    Unexpected Landscape 7

    I reckon I could find a spot of wallspace for these amid my multiplicitous future bookshelves.

  • Very probably the Best Dress Ever
    Perhaps a strange category of item for me to covet, since I wear jeans 98% of the time, but I have unilaterally decided that the Best Dress Ever is the one worn by Fenella Fielding in that apex of cinematic achievement, Carry On Screaming, as shown here:

    Do you smoke? Do you mind if I do?

    Or watch her in action in her most famous scene. Admittedly, such a frock may not be suitable for every occasion or all weathers, but rest assure that I'll be wearing it with flats for added practicality.

  • A reliable and air-conditioned public transport system
    It's saying something tragic about London that this is probably the least accessible item on this list. And don't get me started on the sweaty discomfort that is the supposedly new and improved Victoria Line trains (seats like bricks and nowhere to stash your Metro, what were they thinking?). As an alternative, however, I have become charmed with the transport solution drawn by Albert Robida back in 1902, in his fabulous if not terribly accurate prophetic work Leaving the Opera in the Year 2000. Not only flying cars, but ones that suit a long evening gown: just what my Best Dress Ever requires!

  • Sophisticated male company (hem hem)
    Ever alert to the possibility of an attractively-bottomed man, the Scharlach Towers Institute for the Glorification of Masculine Aesthetics (S.T.I.G.M.A.) continues to work around the clock, and right at the moment, we're all about James Purefoy in leather trousers:

    James Purefoy gets dirty in Solomon Kane. Weh-hay.

    Attentive readers may recall that I reviewed the movie Solomon Kane when it was out at the cinema, and now it's out on DVD so here's your chance to rush out and see it too. I can confirm that it's still riproaring entertainment on a second watch, and Mr Purefoy is a sword-wielding and swoon-inducing delight in the title role. I also listened to the very entertaining DVD commentary and discovered that the real-life version of him is eloquent and funny with an appealingly geeky streak. I wonder whether he can put up shelves too, or would that be too much to ask for?

Anyway, while I'm waiting for all or any of the above to arrive, you could try letting me know what you are currently coveting. Then, if and when my fairy godfather finally puts in an appearance, I might put in a good word for you...
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