Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

The time of our great undoing

Did you have a go at the months with silly names quiz yesterday?

If so, then here are the answers. The following are all REAL months:

  • Ginbot: ninth month of the Ethiopian calendar, from May 9 to June 7. Tragically it's not the name of a giant gin-powered robot, but if anyone wants to build one of those (or squeeze one into the next Transformers movie), you have my full support.
  • Khrums: eighth month of the Tibetan calendar of Kalacakratantra. Nothing to do with biscuits, sadly.
  • Hwt-hwr: third month of the Middle Kingdom Egyptian calendar. Not sure how it's pronounced: perhaps you're meant to clear your throat loudly and hope for the best.
  • Pashons: ninth month of the Coptic calendar, from May 9 to June 7. Same month as Ginbot, different groovy name!
  • Ogronn: fifth month of the Gaulish calendar, roughly analogous to February/March. Nothing to do with ugly aliens who do the Daleks dirty work.
  • Tititl: 18th month of the Aztec Xiuhpohualli calendar. Apparently the name means "Stretching for Growth", which sounds like a yoga workout DVD.
  • Megabit: seventh month of the Ethiopian calendar (again), from March 10 to April 8. The Ethiopian calendar certainly seems to have all the coolest names for months: there's also one called Yekatit!
  • Eth: from the Bulgar calendar, but oh dear, I seem to have made a mistake. This is NOT actually the name of a month, but the name of a year. Curse my sloppy late-night Wikiresearch skills! I only hope you can forgive me and we can move on in an atmosphere of trust and forgiveness...
This of course means that Wobly, Puupi, Kökkafü and Tykibokz are the totally made-up months. At least, they are until I become Empress in Perpetuity, at which point I'm going to rename all the months for the sheer hell of it, just like the former president of Turkmenistan did. If I'm feeling particularly vindictive that day, I might choose the names Tickybox, Tichibochs, Tikkibokks, Tiquiboques, Tiqiboqs, Tikcibuksz, Tykibokz, Tyckybokys, Teekeeboccks, Tic'Eebox, Tiyckyboccs and Dave, and THEN omit to tell people which order they are supposed to fall in. Got to keep my minions on their toes, after all...

And if you didn't do the quiz, don't worry. Here is a tiny pig with wellies on instead.

Tags: quiz, trivia
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