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The Girl Who Played With Fives

Here's a meme that I've done before (at around this time last year, in fact):

Ask me my Top Five Whatevers. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really. And I will answer them in a new post.

This time, however, I've come up a few Top Fives of my own to start things off. For instance, you could ask me something about my real-life likes and dislikes, such as my :

Top Five Soft Drinks

They contain nothing but nature's lovely vitamins and E-numbers, honest.

  • Old Jamaica Ginger Beer - Absolutely the best ginger beer, with just the right combination of full-bodied sweetness and gingery burn. Yum.
  • San Pellegrino Limonata - The best fizzy lemon drink around. Tastes exactly like summer holidays.
  • Calpico - Japanese, made of milk, actually named Calpis in Japan (snigger), tastes exactly like the lemonade-flavour ice lollies you used to be able to get in the 1970s (i.e. nothing like lemons, but still yummy).
  • Guaraná Antarctica - Never mind the Girl from Ipanema, this is Brazil's bubbly gift to the world.
  • Fever Tree Tonic - So nice, you can drink it without gin! Whodathunkit?

Alternatively, you could pick something about my fannish endeavours, such as my :

Top Five of My Own Mini-Icons

At this point, I am obliged to admit that not only do I regularly laugh at my own jokes, but I also sometimes coo over the cuteness of my own drawings. Not very classy, is it? I do apologize. Anyway, it was quite hard to choose just five, and next week I'll have probably changed my mind... but this week, THESE are my personal picks:

  • Zygon - The humanoid Doctor Who characters seem to be the most popular, but I have the most fun drawing the monsters. And this one's got such a grumpy little face.
  • Ood - Cartoon Oods are much cuter than the real thing. I could do an entire series of them, running around having little adventures. But I'm not going to. Sorry.
  • Gwen says wheee! - One of my better ideas. My standard Gwen icon also has an open mouth, but turn her sideways and suddenly her expression means something else.
  • Queenie from Blackadder II - Well, Queenie's one of the best things ever, and I love her little dress and psychotic girlie glee.
  • Mini Rickroll - Despite the slight rubbishness of the animation, the general jollity of this one makes me smile.

Or you could pick something about TV or the media in general, such as my :

Top Five Great Theme Songs from Not-So-Great TV Shows

  • The Flashing Blade
    This Gallic swashbuckle-athon (originally called Le Chevalier Tempête) was rubbish twice: first when it was originally shown as a v. poor English dub, and second when it was repeated in a not-very-hilarious comedy dubbed version, written by Russell T. "I shall make a name for myself one day, you mark my words!" Davies as part of the show On The Waterfront. But never mind all that. The theme itself is resoundingly ace, embodying the galloping thrills that are a bit lacking in the show proper, which is heavy on frowning in castles and sadly low on sword-wielding excitement.

  • The Fantastic Adventures of Mr Rossi
    From a slightly peculiar Italian-made cartoon that ITV showed in the mid-1980s, this tootling singalong is like something that escaped from an avant-garde work of swinging Euro-cinema, particularly the mad jazz wig-out bit in the middle. Molto groovy!

  • Perfect Strangers
    An absolute classic of its genre, the Generalized Positivity Anthem. Personally, I'd like to see a revival of this sort of theme song. Come on, Moffat and Gatiss - series 2 of Sherlock, you'll be wanting a new opening title sequence, you know it makes sense! Alternatively, you could do a remake of Laverne and Shirley... actually, that might be better. Laverne and Sherlock, geddit? Oh, suit yourselves.

  • Little Blue
    Dull 1970s cartoon about an elephant with a poor grasp of health and safety considerations, but the theme song has its own lugubrious charm.

  • The Old Guys
    This is a) a current BBC show, b) not funny, and c) not at all recommended by me, but nonetheless I happened to hear the theme song the other day and thought it was charmingly bizarre. It transpires it's an old Ivor Cutler number. Still makes me giggle, though. Punch.

Or you could ask about something entirely different. So please fire away.

Alternatively, you could start cleaning your suit of armour and polishing your double entendres for the next series of Merlin, which starts on Saturday 11th. And while I'm waiting for further blogging inspiration to strike, I shall probably be doing precisely those things....
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