Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Doctor Who mini-icons: This is where it gets complicated

Grab your Jammy Dodgers, lock up your daughters and tell the maid to pack the best swords because I've finished a new batch of Doctor Who mini-icons. Predictably, these feature characters and situations from the first half of series 6 and thus contain SPOILERS for those episodes. There are also a few from the last Comic Relief special.

01. Ganger Doctor 02. Pirate Amy 03. The TARDIS bites

04. Baring all for art 05. Not as bad as it looks 06. Impossible

07. Hello Canton! 08. Canton 09. Canton

10. Amy can't recall 11. Amy's memo 12. Rory salutes you

13. Faithful Rory 14. Whee! 15. Landing on water

16. Scary Silence 17. Silly Silence 18 Sleepy Silence

19. River's good points 20. Archaeology rocks 21. Important flirting

22. Stay away from the prisoner 23. The Doctor should get out more 24. Hello Sexy!

25. Sexy likes stealing 26. The Doctor and his wife 27. Ride and groom

28. Green Siren 29. Red Siren 30. Indecisive Siren

31. Pirate Amy 32. Captain Archer 33. Captain Archer

34. Jennifer the Ganger 35. Jennifer the Ganger 36. Ganger Doctor

37. Doctor love 38. The Two Doctors 39. Quite impressive

40. Hello Madame Kovarian! 41. Eye Patch Lady 42. Eye Patch Lady

43. Hello Madame Vastra! 44. Madame Vastra 45. Hello Jenny!

46. Drawing room only 47. Vastra loves Jenny 48 Lizard love

49. Victorian River 50. Victorian River 51. River's birthday treat

52. Don't mess with an irate mother 53. An angry centurion writes 54. Do not disturb

55. Baby Melody 56. The Pond family 57. The Pond family reunion

58. Strax 59. Amy flirts with herself 60. Rory likes this idea

61. Miniskirt danger 62. Sexy's taste in men 63. Always with the Rory

Added requests:

64. Canton and Amy 65. Amy's boys 66. Rory loves cosplay

67. Cleaves from The Rebel Flesh 68. Cleaves and the Ganger Doctor 69. Dorium is too blue

70. Jennifer loves Rory 71. Marines 72. Marines

73. Lorna Bucket 74. Lorna Bucket 75. Lorna Bucket

Eleven in a stetson was part of my previous Who icons post, and almost everyone from earlier series can be found by checking out my icons tag or my main art page.

As usual, if you'd like a combination or variation that I haven't provided, let me know and I'll see what my rebellious plastic minions can do...
Tags: doctor who, icons
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