Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

I'm a high-functioning Sphenisciform, do your research

Sherlock-watchers may have noticed that the filming of the long-awaited second series is now underway and various bits of visual evidence of this fact, both spoilery and otherwise, have begun to pop up all over the place. My inner child shudders a little at this, remembering being spoilered for The Empire Strikes Back by the neighbour's kids over the garden fence, but my inner Cumbergawper is nonetheless happy to squint carefully at a few of the more anodyne images.

The following piece of silliness was inspired by this on-set image, which shows nothing more shocking than Messrs Freeman and Cumberbatch standing in the street in costume. But their matching foot positions gave me an unavoidable mental image...

Tumblr link

Tags: fan art, sherlock
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