Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Grab your travelling lemon, it's Cabin Pressure mini-icons!

On behalf of MJN Air, let me welcome you aboard this unscheduled post full of mini-icons inspired by the radio series Cabin Pressure.

As well as being a trusted provider of audio Cumberbatchery, it's a delightful show full of wordplay and silliness, and I've tried to squeeze a few small portions of that whimsy on to these little squares.

01. Martin's thoughts on quiche 02. Arthur's favourite adjective 03. Douglas has no self-esteem issues

04. Hello Martin 05. Martin has a van 06. Martin has lipstick issues

07. Martin dons cap 08. The Travelling Lemon 09. Martin's Top Gun moment

10. Hello Douglas 11. Douglas is a mighty sky god 12. Douglas wins

13. Hello Arthur 14. Arthur may be a clot 15. Arthur knows true cheeriness

16. Hello Carolyn 17. Carolyn woofs loudest 18. Carolyn doesn't like your idea

19. Carolyn and Snoopadoop 20. Snoopadoop the cockerpoo 21. Carolyn has a sense of dread

22. Hello Herc 23. Herc 24. Carolyn/Herc

25. Arthur/Martin 26. Martin/Douglas 27. Douglas/cheese forever

28. Otter alert 29. Otters win theological forgiveness 30. Not a happy bunny

31. Yellow car! 32. Arthur makes coffee 33. Douglas versus Herc

New additions by special request:

34. Arthur disagrees with Jean-Paul Sartre 35. Arthur's a player 36. Martin and Douglas

37. Martin loves a potato 38. Bonjour Martin 39. Martin does not know the French word for polar bear

40. Douglas is Biggles 41. Arthur loves polar bears 42. Martin gets confused

43. Douglas is a yo-yo 44. Otters on target 45. Arthur's grasp of French is a bit wobbly

46. Martin knows his dwarves 47. Martin IS Miss Marple 48. Team MJN

49. Martin plays detective

Feel free to purloin any that take your fancy.

In addition, if you'd like a quotation or variation that I haven't provided, let me know and I'll see whether our air steward can remove an otter from the fridge to accommodate one...
Tags: cabin pressure, icons
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