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It's a retro ring-obsessed One-Question Quiz!

While my mind is bubbling with half-formed fannish content that has yet to see the light of day (I blame Mr Cumberbatch), I thought I might keep this joint ticking over with a bit of audience participation, in the form of a One-Question Quiz.

First of all, cast your gaze over the following visual snippet, which is taken from a magazine ad from 1941. Then attack the ticky boxes below in any fashion that you see fit.

I do love your wedding ring / There's ANOTHER ring that's worrying me right now.

Poll #1809796 The "She Should Have Put A Ring On It" Quiz

So the lady in the ad isn't worried about her wedding ring. But which ring IS worrying her right now?

The ring of scum around her bathtub (she just can't get it off!)
The local wife-swapping ring (nobody's asked her to take part yet!)
"Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash (it burns, burns, burns!)
The ring of fascism that was closing around the world in the 1940s!
Her husband's cakey ring (it's more stale and dry than it ought to be!)
The One Ring (she wants to get rid of it but one does not simply walk into Mordor, you know!)
Another ring, which I will tell you about in the box below.
You can fondle my ring but you'll never take my TICKY BOXES!

Any ring-shaped suggestions that I have not provided in the list above? Add them here.

When you've had a stab in the dark, you may be curious to know the answer. And this is it:

The Story of Two Rings and One Husband

Yes, let's ignore the fact that "Two Rings, One Husband" sounds like a really dodgy internet video. In fact, it's an entirely innocent attempt to encourage housewives to embrace the joys of "Cellophane"! (Or should that be the "joys" of "Cellophane"?) But remember, folks: Cellophane may "protect all sorts of things" but under no circumstances should it be used to start a contraceptive revolution two decades early. And anyone who thinks otherwise is a silly goose...
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