Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Heaven knows their recipe

Well, it's been a week of televisual dread and uncertainty, as the nation anxiously awaits the climax of the latest series of Sherlock. Kudos then, to the BBC, for also scheduling The Great Sport Relief Bake-Off this week, because cakes are an instrinsically calming thing to look at, and the greatest tragedy that can happen on that show is that someone's banana loaf cake will dramatically sink or the soggy bottom will fall out of their tart.

However, packing my brain with Sherlock and cakes at the same time has had a strange effect and a piece of silliness popped out. Fortunately it contains no additives, and no spoilers either, unless you have absolutely no idea what the words "Reichenbach Fall" refer to.

So here's my comfort food solution to the fandom precipice on which we're collectively quivering:

Reichenbakes! The treat you can't help falling for!

Tumblr link

Now I think I'd better put the kettle on, because when Sunday rolls around, the collective making of 9 million cups of tea may well bring down the National Grid...
Tags: cake, fan art, sherlock
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