Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

A sandal in Belgravia?

Here's another of my flimsy pieces of whimsical Sherlockery, mainly because that's all my brain wants to produce these days, and who am I to argue with me?

After speculating recently about asking Manolo Blahnik to play Moriarty in a US Sherlock remake (he'd make you into fabulous shoes!), I couldn't help but wonder whether Moriarty would like to play Manolo Blahnik. The trouble is, he's certainly not the type to play nicely. Yikes.

Jimmy Mo: shoes with a special something!

Tumblr link

The good news is that all his designs are made entirely from recycled materials, so it would be positively criminal to miss them. The bad news is that it's equally criminal to BUY them...
Tags: fan art, sherlock
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