Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Sorry mate, you're Bard

In my perennial search for decent telly, I'm keenly watching The Hollow Crown, a star-studded adaptation of four of Shakespeare's history plays. In order to sell these landmarks of timeless poetry to the viewing masses, the BBC have taken the strategic step of packing them to the brim with hot guys getting their swords out, and being a shallow soul, I cannot argue with this approach. Tom Hiddleston in particular is welcome to lie on my kitchen floor in a haze of leather-clad sherry-soaked debauchery any time he wants.

This week, the play in question was Henry IV, Part 1. To me, all things televisual are potential fodder for self-referential internet whimsy, and apparently Shakespeare is no exception. Sorry, Will.

Celebrities that look like otters: the 15th century edition

Beaver jokes: not invented by The Naked Gun

Tumblr link

If anyone's wondering, the otter reference is from Act 3, Scene 3, and the beaver is from Act 4, Scene 1. The latter is apparently a helmet, so the silly Photoshop job is not entirely historically inaccurate...
Tags: crumpet, shakespeare, telly
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