Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

"In his nakedness he appears but a man..."

Still watching The Hollow Crown, still enjoying it. This week it was time for Henry IV, Part 2, which is rather a rambling play, full of kingly angst interspersed with weird jokey Falstaff scenes that were presumably hilarious in the 16th century and now aren't. However, not only was it redeemed by a couple of great dramatic bits at the end, but there was a totally gratuitous half-naked bath-house scene involving the lovely Prince Hal that probably made ovaries explode across the country.

So much did the Prince seem to enjoy getting his kit off, in fact, that I wondered whether he might like to do so on a professional basis, and the following piece of whimsy was what popped out.

Once more out of his breeches, dear ladies!

Tumblr link

(By the way, I glanced at some real advertising posters for male strippers as research for this, but trying to emulate those paragons of piss-poor Photoshopping was almost more than my sense of taste could handle. I tried my best, but to be truly authentic, this really ought to be even MORE hideous...)
Tags: fan art, shakespeare, telly
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