Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Star Trek Into Darkness mini-icons: Have I got your attention now?

It feels like several aeons since I went to see Star Trek Into Darkness, but maybe that's because one of those aeons was spent making this savagely spacetastic set of new mini-icons.

Regular viewers may recall that I made a set of icons for the first Star Trek reboot movie way back in 2009. However, I've redrawn and improved most of the characters slightly since then, so now I've remade some of the basic shippy icons with the newest drawings, as well as adding quotes and things (including BIG SPOILERS!) from this particular movie AND making text-free versions too.

So, shall we begin?

01. Captain James Tiberius Perfect Hair 02. John Harrison 03. Scotty had a day off 04. Bones and a tribble

05. Kirk 06. Kirk has no idea 07. Kirk rants about Spock 08. Kirk rants at Khan

09. Spock 10. Spock is giving you attitude 11. Vulcans do not lie 12. Spock gets mad

13. McCoy 14. Bones will not piss you off 15. Bones questions your sanity 16. Bones hates space

17. Uhura 18. Let Uhura speak Klingon 19. Don't make Uhura angry 20. Uhura is classy

21. Scotty 22. Scotty says no to torpedoes 23. Scotty has a night out 24. Scotty has a private life

25. Chekov in yellow 26. Chekov in red 27. Chekov breaks the ship 28. Chekov is working on it

29. Sulu 30. Sulu can be scary 31. Carol 32. Carol likes science

33. John Harrison 34. His name is not really John 35. John wears a coat 36. John will walk over you

37. John wants to sleep 38. John wants to shower 39. The shower is censored 40. Shower John

41. Spock Prime and spoilers 42. Spock Prime is your future self 43. Spock Prime gives out plot tips 44. The two Spocks

45. Pike 46. Pike thinks you are a pain 47. Pike questions your attitude 48. Sulu/Chekov

49. Harewood 50. Harewood is Mickey 51. Kirk/Spock 52. Spock/Uhura

53. Kirk/Carol 54. Kirk/McCoy 55. Kirk/John 56. Spock/John

57. Scotty/Keenser 58. Kirk and Spock and Bones 59. Kirk and Spock and Uhura 60. Kirk and Spock and John

61. Cupcake 62. Cupcake 63. Darwin 64. Darwin

65. Blonde ensign 66. Alien ensign 67. Augmented human officer 68. Keenser

69. Kirk and Bones gif 70. Kirk and Spock squabble 71. Kirk and Uhura share Spock thoughts 72. Lower decks crew

Extra icons by special request!

73. Spock keeps calm 74. Kirk and Spock invented slash 75. Chekov on the bridge 76. John with a gun

77. John with a gun 78. Kirk and Spock feelings 79. Kirk and Spock choose not to feel

As usual, all icons are free to good homes! And if you'd like a combination or quotation that I haven't provided, let me know and I'll defrost a few super-intelligent space criminals and see what I can persuade them to do about it...
Tags: icons, star trek
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