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Buy, buy happiness...

For some time, people have been asking me whether I could turn my mini-icons into stuff like t-shirts and posters and whatnot. I was flattered that anyone wanted these things, and made vaguely positive noises about the possibility of a spot of fannish merchandising, but have never actually got around to doing anything about it. That is, until now.

Yes, I've opened a Redbubble store and I've added some Sherlock-themed stuff to it, as you can see here:

Sherlock mini people shirt

Sherlock and John shirt motif Sherlock mini people card design

So here's your chance to cheer up your chest with a Sherlock mini-people t-shirt, flabbergast your friends with greetings cards and postcards or spruce up your stuff with Sherlock stickers. The following things are now on sale:

T-shirt designs: The Sherlock gang, Sherlock and John, Mycroft and Lestrade

Postcards and greetings cards: The Sherlock gang, Sherlock and John, Mycroft and Lestrade

Stickers: Sherlock, John Watson, Mrs Hudson, Molly Hooper, Mycroft, Greg Lestrade, Irene Adler, Moriarty

A few more designs, featuring Cabin Pressure and Hannibal-themed motifs, can be found by browsing my store. Suggestions for designs you'd really like to buy are welcomed (although I can't promise to please everyone, sorry!) but in the meantime, I shall be diligently scribbling some new stuff. Watch this space...
Tags: shameless merchandising, sherlock
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