Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Doctor Who icons: the Regenerated Edition!

Alongside the great rhetorical question "Is anyone still on Livejournal these days?"*, I sometimes ponder a second great rhetorical question: "Does anyone still use icons these days?" Although I do see people using them as avatars on Tumblr and Twitter as well as here, it's my quandary over this issue that prevents me from making as many mini-icons as I once did.

However, since I recently redrew all the Doctors to make merchandise for my Redbubble store, I've had a couple of requests to make icons out of the new-and-improved mini-Doctors. After all, the old ones are from way back in 2006, and I think my skill at coaxing a likeness from a teeny cartoon with no nose has improved a lot since then.

So this is me making Doctor Who icons, for the first time in ages. Help yourselves if you want to use any!

01. Twelfth Doctor 02. Clara 03. Counting to 12

04. First Doctor 05. First Doctor 06. First Doctor

07. Second Doctor 08. Second Doctor 09. Second Doctor

10. Third Doctor 11. Third Doctor 12. Third Doctor

13. Fourth Doctor 14. Fourth Doctor 15. Fourth Doctor

16. Fifth Doctor 17. Fifth Doctor 18. Fifth Doctor

19. Sixth Doctor 20. Sixth Doctor 21. Sixth Doctor

22. Seventh Doctor 23. Seventh Doctor 24. Seventh Doctor

25. Eighth Doctor 26. Eighth Doctor 27. Eighth Doctor

28. Ninth Doctor 29. Ninth Doctor 30. Ninth Doctor

31. Tenth Doctor 32. Tenth Doctor 33. Tenth Doctor

34. Eleventh Doctor 35. Eleventh Doctor 36. Eleventh Doctor

37. Twelfth Doctor 38. Twelfth Doctor 39. Twelfth Doctor

40. Clara 41. Clara 42. Twelve and Clara

43. Eleven and Clara 44. Night of the Doctor 45. Night of the Doctor

46. War Doctor 47. War Doctor 48. War Doctor

49. Day of the Doctor nicknames 50. Battle cries 51. Hello 14 Doctors

52. Hello 12 Doctors 53. Counting to 14 54. The Day of the Doctor

If you'd like a particular Doctor with a specific quote that I haven't provided, feel free to ask and I'll see what I can do.

Be aware: I have vague intentions to redraw the companions too (maybe to make a big poster with EVERYONE on it, possibly in time for sale next Christmas?) but it's going to be a looooong-term project, so I won't be drawing any more of them right now, even if you ask me very nicely. Sorry about that! But when I DO do them, you'll be the first to know. Watch this space....

* Although, if you're reading this question, I suppose that's the answer.
Tags: doctor who, icons
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