Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

They drink a beer and swear they're faithful to their king

I'm currently rather enjoying the BBC's swashbuckling Sunday night series The Musketeers. True, it's not quite Merlin, but it's got plenty of eye-candy, quite a few laughs, some rousing action, and I'm getting fonder and fonder of everyone in it by the week.

So fond, in fact, that I decided to draw some mini-Musketeers in all their leather-clad glory.

The Musketeers

Tumblr link

I've also added a Musketeers section to my Redbubble store, in case you'd like to emblazon them across your chest or indeed anywhere else that needs a bit of leather-clad emblazoning...
Tags: fan art, telly, the musketeers
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