Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

If you notice this notice, you will notice....

Spurred on by my brief spurt of Geocities downtime earlier in the week, I've finally got around to moving my entire website. It can now be found HERE. (Yay @ own functioning domain name!) People with bookmarks may wish to update them accordingly, but hey, no pressure or anything.

Ye olde Geocities site has now got a no-frills manual "please click here" button on it, but if anyone is clever with webpages and can tell me how to make an automatic redirect page (preferably one that can be easily applied to all the pages on the old site, if that's feasible), I will be both admiring and grateful. Please bear in mind, however, that my site is mainly built out of Adobe Pagemill, double-sided sticky tape and spit, so if it's at all complex, I probably won't be able to do it....
Tags: real life
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