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The HP Gallery of Modern Art – Part II: The Time-Turner Prize

Yes, I have been having a series of secret meetings with my well-respected art-world contacts ("Honest Dave" Flugelheim and Sir Byron Sewer) in a broom cupboard under the stairs at the Tate Modern, and have now managed to unearth a few more neglected meisterwerks that indisputably prove the influence of HP on today's artistic establishment. Without further ado, here they are:-

(For anyone that missed the earlier HP Modern Art exhibits, they can be found on my art page.)

While I am having this little burst of self-publicity, I'd also like to mention that some of my art has made it onto the HP Lexicon – check out the Bestiary section. Big thanks to Steve Vander Ark for that, and most especially for his very nice plug for me on the Floo Network page this week, cheers cheers cheers!
Tags: fan art, harry potter
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