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Since I've now been back from the north for a couple of days, it's probably about time I said something about the festive season. It was pleasant enough, and contained a lot of food. It also contained a lot of family, but most of them behaved themselves most of the time, which is about all one can expect.

As far as prezzies are concerned, there were two running themes: dark chocolate and furry items. (Hurrah for people knowing wot I like, that's wot I say.) And this morning I received a package from the German Ministry of Tiny Details that contained both themes together, in the form of dark Toblerone and my very own anteater calendar (I kid you not). Ah, that Madam Pedantic, she is really spoiling us....

Today I went to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum (so lots more fluffiness there), and then went sales shopping, where I found the dressing gown of my dreams (that's a bathrobe, to the unattentive Americans amongst you): it's cherry red and velvety and generally fabulous. And I've also purchased an exciting bag full of black lacyness that is generally unsensible but hey, it was half-price, making me an admirably thrifty femme fatale (if such a thing exists... well, it does now, because I say so).

Right, now I've got to finish my Movie Review of 2004, and then plan something suitably pathetically humbuggish and Scrooge-like to do on New Year's Eve that involves not going out and not having a good time in any way, shape or form. Yeah, I think I can just about manage that.
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