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A B*A*P*py New Year

Poem About Being A Girl Who Can't Say No (Particularly During The Sales)
'Tis the voice of a handbag, I heard it declare
"I'm the bag of your dreams, you'll adore me, I swear!"
The temptation was strong, and I could not defeat it
But it will make me happy. And if it doesn't...I'll eat it.

Rats, the holidays are nearly over and I have only one more day off before I have to go back to work (mutter, mumble, groan, argh). Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I ought to spend this last day of freedom? I've done all the shopping my feet (and my purse) can stand, I've established that there's nothing I want to see at the cinema, and both my brain and body need something to seriously occupy themselves, or else I fear they will crawl back under the duvet and hibernate until at least March....
Tags: fashion and style, real life
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